The Gate to Amazon legend


The Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, is the gateway to the great Amazon region. Following the route of the Spanish conqueror leaded by Francisco de Orellana, who in 1542 opened the way, from Quito to discover the Amazon River and then reach the Atlantic Ocean. Ecuador preserves much of its Amazon territory Intact, for which the government has declared as intangible zone some national parks: Yasuní National Park, the Biosphere Reserve. Sumaco National Park, Napo-Galeras, Cayambe-Coca. And Cuyabeno Nature Reserve, In these parks and their surroundings sits villages and cultures that keep their traditions alive. And the visitor can get to know stunning landscapes and discover by himself the fauna and nature of this region.

Live your dreams

A visit to this impressive wildlife sanctuary will be a memorable experience for those who appreciate nature.

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