There is nothing in the world more

quite like this place.

Pachamama Tours, is an Ecuadorian Tour Operator & Travel Agency, with headquarters located in the city of Quito; with over 20 years of experience programing the best inbound and outbound tours in Ecuador. We provide tailor-made journeys, created by travel specialists with the purpose of offering the ease of travel to individuals and groups throughout Continental Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Pachamama has a broad expertise in Galapagos, offering its own operation for land based tours & Island Hopping programs, in addition to all kind of cruise ship itineraries.

Por el cumplimiento de estándares de calidad de satisfacción del cliente y por realizar un turismo responsable con el cuidado de los lugareños y el medio ambiente, la Municipalidad de Quito nos otorgó el sello: Q Distintivo.

Our name “Pachamama”

In Quichua language means Mother Earth, the most representative deity of the indigenous peoples of the Andes that is very generous and fertile providing crops, water and protection. Pachamama is harmoniously integrated to the universe and the cosmos, allowing the human race to have life, prosperity and happiness.

From this meaningful concept

We offer a different and unique way of traveling, always paying attention to the details of your requirements and including the most remarkable places that will provide a memorable and a once in a lifetime experience of Ecuador´s nature and culture.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and your travel plans. Let us lead your journey with knowledgeable advice!



In Pachamama Tours, we love to hear about your travel preferences, we are a group of passionate & enthusiastic travel experts paying attention to every little detail about your travel plans, we will be glad of taking care of your vacations. Let’s plan together your once in a life time journey!
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